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Hello, hola, ciao, hallo, zdarjakcip

My name is Adam Slachta, I live in Czech republic (hopefully you  know where Europe is:) and writing this blog is just my hobby so take it easy as I do:)

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere and tried to seek advice on web-forums? Those questions: "Where do you camp if you go to XYZ...?", "Where to climb when going to ABC...?". I have done it many times and it usually works quite well. However sometimes it is better to ask directly...to ask a friend...via email, phone, in person. If an email is enough for you (well in case you are not here where I am living:) do not hesitate to write me and I will happily try to answer your questions...if I know the answers.

Where do you wanna travel?

1. All chronologically sorted articles and destinations can be found at Home page
2. Mostly climbing and outdoor pictures are divided into separate sections in the top menu (eg.  climbing in New Zealand, India or Peru).
3. If bouldering is your thing check out Himalayn bouldering in India or Castle Hill in New Zealand.
4. ...or do you rather prefer to stay on a rope? Well, may be climbing on weird rock formations in Wharepapa (new Zealand) might work for you as well as Ardeche Gorge in France
5. In case you would like to stay on the solid ground and avoid the verticals you might find interesting New Zealand photoreport.

But there is more...much more... :)

Why do I do that?
...for pleasure. Once I help you, may be once you help me...

Please enjoy the reading/surfing/climbing and take care...

Contact: madam.madam@gmail.com